Auto type E Rickshaw

E Rickshaw has become a rage ever since they have hit the indian roads. It has everything that a public transport must have

Eco Friendly
Low Noise
Low Maintenance
Less Expensive

Auto type E Richaw

Since its launch in 2011 , E Rickshaw has undergone lot of changes in terms of quality and looks and latest now is the Auto type looks of E Rickshaw. Nanya Airconn Pvt. Ltd. , which has contributed alot in the innovation and development of E Rickshaw has introduced 2 types of models :

  1. Without Dash Board : This models comes without a dash board but fitted with glass and manual wiper



Model No. FF1201

2. With Dash board : Nanya Offer 2 models which comes with dashboard

a. Model No. FF1202DB : Includes Dashboard, MP3 Player, LED Headlights , Digital Meter

b. FF1203DB :  Includes Dashboard, MP3 Player, LED Headlights , Digital Meter


Pros and cons of battery operated rickshaws

E Passenger Rickshaw

The fact is that number of battery operated rickshaws has been increasing at a fast pace throughout the length and breadth of the country. This is because of the awareness among entrepreneurs about this mode of vehicle being a safe investment option and the government supporting such initiatives by offering soft loans. It has been notice that battery rickshaw price in India is very much affordable and well within the easy reach of many. For those, living a financial crunch life, can find loans for banking and non-banking institutions as well as support from the government to buy their choice of e-rickshaws, so that they can start something worthwhile to earn a living.

Helping to sustain family

E Passenger Rickshaw

Since the battery operated rickshaws are a wonderful option for people to move shorter distances, they do form a wonderful way of communication. When compared to the conventional auto rickshaws that uses petrol for operation, the e-rickshaws make use of current, which is much affordable than that of petrol, even after the recent hike by the power board. Although this form of vehicle is bit slower than the petrol version, it can be regarded to be a safety aspect, since auto rickshaws are more prone to accidents and also overturning, causing its passengers to get injured.

With the price of petrol increasing, the auto rickshaws are compelled to increase the passenger fares, but the e-rickshaws can have lesser fares. Again, the owner of the e-rickshaw does not have to worry about regular maintenance or having to change expensive spare parts, when the same can be done in a much affordable manner.

This way, the person can enjoy deriving huge profits and sustain a living with his e-rickshaw.

Recharging the battery of the e-rickshaw

E ricksaw cost

These days, the demand for battery rickshaw is on the rise. The reason for its increasing popularity among entrepreneurs is because it is much affordable than that of the conventional petrol operated auto rickshaws and are much safer and is environment friendly. Being operated on battery, there is no need for the owner to have the rickshaw to be dragged to the nearest station to fill up with petrol. This is because the battery that is fit into the rickshaw can be simply recharged from the convenience and comfort of the home or for that matter from any place.

E ricksaw cost

How battery is to be recharged?

E-rickshaws are of different size, created for different purposes and hence, there are varieties of models to choose from. Each model is said to be fitted with a different set of battery having different power, depending upon the purpose. Whatever be it, finding replacements of the battery is very easy, since it could be found just about anywhere and for a very small amount of money.

At the same time, recharging the battery of the e-rickshaw is also easy. Along with the rickshaw comes a set of charger of which one end needs to be fitted to the battery and the other end to the socket. The functions are as simple like that of recharging a mobile phone. The time taken for the battery to get fully recharged depends upon the battery requirements and is given clearly with the manual that comes at the time of purchase.

Purchasing battery operated rickshaw spare parts made easy

These days, people in huge numbers have been interested in owning battery operated rickshaws for various reasons. Since, such type of vehicles are very easily available and found in different powers to meet specific requirements, the person needs to first understand thoroughly what his requirement are and accordingly can purchase one that fits his needs and requirements, as well as the budget. Going through the websites of different manufacturers is sure to help the person to make the right decision.


Understanding the details

Before making the decision to buy one, the person needs to understand the different aspects of the battery operated rickshaws. He needs to compare the different models available with that of the different manufacturers to know what would suit specifically his requirements and the price difference. This comparison is sure to enhance his knowledge and also give a clear idea as to which type is feasible for his business. Again, the other aspect which should not be missed out during the research is the availability of e rickshaw spare parts list. The manufacturer or the dealer should provide the necessary spare parts whenever required as a replacement for the damaged ones. It is very much important for the battery rickshaw owner to buy only authentic spare parts, so that the vehicle can function to its optimum and the spare parts serve the purpose fully and can last for a long time. One should not consider the cheaper versions, as they might only harm the vehicle.

E-rickshaw: A wonderful investment

These days, more and more entrepreneurs are seeking some kind of business that can help them to earn a good amount of profit, without having to make huge investments. The advent of the electric passenger rickshaw can be termed to be a wonderful aspect in this regard. This is because, this eco-friendly battery powered rickshaw has been enjoyed by the masses as a means of transport and hence, it’s growing popularity.

IMG_9329 (Medium)

Why e-rickshaws?

With the government stepping up its measures for protecting the environment in every possible manner, the e-rickshaws are actually a wonderful way to reduce emissions that is generally noticed by the diesel and petrol operated vehicles. Moreover, with these vehicles having less speed limits, they are regarded to be a safer way to travel short distances. Now, one can come across the battery operated rickshaws, throughout the country.

Its low cost is what luring entrepreneurs of all types to make investments in them. The e-rickshaws can be used as part time or full time income means and is completely user friendly. There are numerous manufacturers, who have come up with variety of models and power. The entrepreneurs can go through the collection and find the one that best fits their investment needs and budget. Also, it is easy to find soft loans, since there are many government agencies and non-government organizations that are eager to help low income groups to find funds, so that they can start up a business to enhance their present living style.

Is e-rickshaw a viable option to petrol operated auto rickshaws?

Electric School Van

This is a question that is asked by many people, especially those who are looking for ways and means to earn income for sustaining their family. The fact is that electric operated rickshaws or electric school van are a wonderful way to start a business. It has been found that people in huge numbers and parents in general are preferring their children to go to school using the e-rickshaw instead of the conventional auto rickshaws, since the latter is dangerous and often is involved in different types of accidents involving passengers. On the other hand, e-rickshaws being slow in speed, are much children friendly and hence, a viable option.

Electric School Van


The other aspect is that battery operated rickshaws consume very less energy than the petrol or diesel versions and hence, are much affordable. The entrepreneurs in this highly competitive environment can easily pass of the savings made to the parents of the school going children and still retain a good amount of profit that is sufficient for them to progress in their business. Since the parents would be retain the services of the rickshaws for a good period of time and would be paying monthly bills, the discounts offered, is sure to help both the entrepreneur and the passengers to have a win-win situation.


Like stated above, the e-rickshaws are completely safe for children. With limited slow speed, there is no chance for the driver to increase the speed of the vehicle in any manner. Hence, the parents of the school going children can be rest assured that their children can reach their destination without any hassle.

Purchasing battery powered rickshaw made easy

electric cargo rickshaw

There are many people who would like to purchase a battery operated cargo rickshaw for their commercial business. They might simply find that conventional vehicles used by them presently are consuming more of petrol/diesel and also are expensive to be maintained, since they require regular repairs of the engines, parts and so on. In comparison, the e-rickshaws have been being battery operated, required very less maintenance and are easy to be used. Hence, it’s growing popularity among business establishments who are looking for an easy and economical solution for transporting goods and items to nearby places, without incurring extra costs.

electric cargo rickshaw

Additional profits

Commercial business owners have found that cargo rickshaws are comparatively much easier on the pocket, safe for transporting materials and also reliable. Since they are battery operated, they consume very less power and require current for the purpose of recharging, which can be done within the premises at very less cost. This way, the entrepreneur can make sure that he can save a good amount of money on the maintenance costs and fuel charges, which is otherwise not possible with the conventional vehicles. At the same time, they are very much safe as a transport and also are equally reliable. They are tested by the manufacturers and come in different strengths. Hence, the entrepreneurs are given an option as to make the right selection of the e-rickshaws that would justify their requirements.

Furthermore, this type of vehicle is also quite affordable and user friendly.

Buying air conditioner spare parts from reputed sites

These days, people have been using the web for sourcing information and just for everything. The web has went on to become a powerful tool, whose potentiality has been realized by the business establishments across the globe, belonging to all domains. The fact is that it is much easier for the organizations of all sizes to reach to the potential and targeted customer’s right inside their home instantly and without wasting any time. New product launches, offers on the existing deals and the like can be brought to the notice of the customers using the different social medias, blogs and sites. It is also possible for the manufacturers and dealers to put up the air conditioner parts list for the customers to have a look at it, so that they can make the right selection.


Choosing only reputed sites

Unfortunately there do exist several scammers on the web who are more interested in duping people of their precious money by supplying them with spurious or duplicate materials. Since the person would not be aware of the fact that the spare parts of the air conditioner is original or duplicate, he easily can be duped by being provided a duplicate part of the same name or any other local material. It is for this reason, one should always check the reputation of the site and this can be done by researching on the site, trying to find out the different reviews put up by existing and past customers and accordingly make the right decision.

What are the benefits of an AC?

Air conditioning systems have been badmouthed in recent times, but even after that people continue to use it. This luxurious item is a part of our day to day lives and whether we like it or not, we always want it. Many people have stated that AC could be bad for health, but there are some advantages too. On this note, we list down some benefits of the air conditioner: –


1. Extreme heat can trigger health issues and cause dehydration which can affect your body a lot. With the help of an air conditioner, you can fight the heat and let it give you comfort.

2. When your office has centralised AC, you like to work more as it provides comfort, flexibility and keeps your out from the heat.

3. It is heard that with the surroundings have AC air, it can increase physical activity and also intellectual.

4. Lower temperature can reduce the presence of any insects or parasites.

5. You will sweat less if you are sitting in an air conditioned room, which means you will dehydrate less.

6. AC supplies fresh air, which is clean from the pollution and dust.

These were few benefits of our favourite machine. But do not forget these few points if you want to continue to enjoy perks of the AC: –

1. Make sure you regularly clean the air conditioner and keep it ventilated.

2. Opt for professional installation if you cannot do it yourself. Also, make sure you buy AC spare parts if needed. You can check the AC spare parts list online and see the rates of it too.

So, if you haven’t invested in an air conditioner till now, then go and get yours today.

Tips to purchase battery operated rickshaw

The best and easy way to purchase any product and to ensure it to last for a very long time, without the hassles attached is to look for reputed brands. This is because, a branded company would offer its clients with high quality products that can prove to be useful and value worth the investment. If the person contemplates to purchase e-rickshaws, then he is to ensure visiting authorized electric auto rickshaw India stores, wholesalers and distributors who can provide branded vehicles at affordable rates.

Searching the web

The best place to buy e-rickshaws or its necessary spare parts can be termed to be the web. The interested individual can simply search for the different reputed sites with great ease and at his own leisure from his laptop, desktop or smartphone and make the purchase. This is because, competition has increased these days to a greater level, prompting manufacturers and dealers to provide their products right at the doorstep of the potential clients.

IMG_9329 (Medium)

Useful tips to follow

• Search on the Google for e-rickshaws.

• List down numerous reputed sites that sell both the vehicles and its necessary spare parts.

• Compare the brand reputation, price, including reviews put up by present users.

• Call up the representatives of the company to find out how co-operative they are, ready availability of the spare parts, the time taken to delivered the ordered products and if it is covered at the place, where the person would like to have it delivered.

Following the tips, is sure to help the person to make a well informed purchase.

Buy electric rickshaw to save money!

E Cargo Rickshaw

There was a recent buzz in the news regarding the diesel and petrol price increase. We all know that the prices of fuel constantly keep increasing and we cannot do anything about it. Plus everyone cannot leave their vehicles and take the crowded trains or buses to reach to work. In such times, an electric cargo rickshaw is very helpful. Why are they beneficial? Let`s find out: –

E Cargo Rickshaw

1. They are eco-friendly and do not pollute the country by emitting gas.

2. They operate through batteries, which make it a cheap option for the owners.

3. They can be charged anywhere at any time through an adapter. Owners can simply put them on charge overnight for the next few journeys.

4. It is very easy to maintain an e-rickshaw as you do not have to worry about any fuel leakage or cleaning of any smell inside as the rickshaw does not make noises or emit any foul smells.

5. This is a onetime investment for the owners. Post buying the e-rickshaw, they do not have to continuously spend money on diesel or petrol or too much servicing.

6. Passengers can have a comfortable ride in the e-rickshaw as it doesn’t make noises.

7. This is a cost-effective vehicle which will bring in more money for you rather than you spending tons of money on repairs and of course fuel!

These are the few vital reasons why you must buy an e-rickshaw. This one vehicle can make a good difference to the pollution in the country.

E-Rickshaws: A wonderful income opportunity for people coming from the rural areas

E Cargo Rickshaw

With the electric rickshaw price in India coming down, people, especially from the rural areas are provided with an opportunity to own one and make a living out of it. With e-rickshaws being recognized and promoted by the government throughout the country to reduce pollution and to provide opportunities to the unemployed citizens of the country, buying is considered to be the best bet to earn a living out of it.

E Cargo Rickshaw

Why e- rickshaws?

E-rickshaws are termed to be people and environment friendly. These vehicles are much safer when compared to the conventional vehicles such as auto rickshaws that run by petrol and are considered to cause noise and smoke pollution while being dangerous to be driven in the crowded city. The e-rickshaw on the other hand is much safer to be driven as it has lesser speed limits and hence, can prove to be a wonderful way to protect the health and environment.

People who have owned an e-rickshaw for the purpose of earning a living have been found to make huge profits out of it, thereby prompting them to buy more, to enhance their future profits. Furthermore, it requires very less maintenance, which means less expenditure and more profits from the vehicle. At the same time, recharging the battery takes very less charges and this adds to the profits. It is for all these reasons that the person owning a battery operated rickshaw has been enjoying peace of mind and happiness in his life and able to sustain his family without any hassle involved.