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Auto type E Rickshaw

E Rickshaw has become a rage ever since they have hit the indian roads. It has everything that a public transport must have Eco Friendly Comfort Spacious Low Noise Low Maintenance Less Expensive Since its launch in 2011 , E Rickshaw has undergone lot of changes in terms of quality and looks and latest now is the Auto type looks of E Rickshaw. Nanya Airconn Pvt. Ltd. , which has contributed alot in the innovation and development of E Rickshaw has introduced 2 types of Continue reading →

Pros and cons of battery operated rickshaws

The fact is that number of battery operated rickshaws has been increasing at a fast pace throughout the length and breadth of the country. This is because of the awareness among entrepreneurs about this mode of vehicle being a safe investment option and the government supporting such initiatives by offering soft loans. It has been notice that battery rickshaw price in India is very much affordable and well within the easy reach of many. For those, living a financial crunch life, can find loans for Continue reading →

Recharging the battery of the e-rickshaw

These days, the demand for battery rickshaw is on the rise. The reason for its increasing popularity among entrepreneurs is because it is much affordable than that of the conventional petrol operated auto rickshaws and are much safer and is environment friendly. Being operated on battery, there is no need for the owner to have the rickshaw to be dragged to the nearest station to fill up with petrol. This is because the battery that is fit into the rickshaw can be simply recharged from Continue reading →

Purchasing battery operated rickshaw spare parts made easy

These days, people in huge numbers have been interested in owning battery operated rickshaws for various reasons. Since, such type of vehicles are very easily available and found in different powers to meet specific requirements, the person needs to first understand thoroughly what his requirement are and accordingly can purchase one that fits his needs and requirements, as well as the budget. Going through the websites of different manufacturers is sure to help the person to make the right decision. Understanding the details Before making Continue reading →

E-rickshaw: A wonderful investment

These days, more and more entrepreneurs are seeking some kind of business that can help them to earn a good amount of profit, without having to make huge investments. The advent of the electric passenger rickshaw can be termed to be a wonderful aspect in this regard. This is because, this eco-friendly battery powered rickshaw has been enjoyed by the masses as a means of transport and hence, it’s growing popularity. Why e-rickshaws? With the government stepping up its measures for protecting the environment in Continue reading →

Is e-rickshaw a viable option to petrol operated auto rickshaws?

This is a question that is asked by many people, especially those who are looking for ways and means to earn income for sustaining their family. The fact is that electric operated rickshaws or electric school van are a wonderful way to start a business. It has been found that people in huge numbers and parents in general are preferring their children to go to school using the e-rickshaw instead of the conventional auto rickshaws, since the latter is dangerous and often is involved in Continue reading →

Purchasing battery powered rickshaw made easy

There are many people who would like to purchase a battery operated cargo rickshaw for their commercial business. They might simply find that conventional vehicles used by them presently are consuming more of petrol/diesel and also are expensive to be maintained, since they require regular repairs of the engines, parts and so on. In comparison, the e-rickshaws have been being battery operated, required very less maintenance and are easy to be used. Hence, it’s growing popularity among business establishments who are looking for an easy Continue reading →

Buying air conditioner spare parts from reputed sites

These days, people have been using the web for sourcing information and just for everything. The web has went on to become a powerful tool, whose potentiality has been realized by the business establishments across the globe, belonging to all domains. The fact is that it is much easier for the organizations of all sizes to reach to the potential and targeted customer’s right inside their home instantly and without wasting any time. New product launches, offers on the existing deals and the like can Continue reading →

What are the benefits of an AC?

Air conditioning systems have been badmouthed in recent times, but even after that people continue to use it. This luxurious item is a part of our day to day lives and whether we like it or not, we always want it. Many people have stated that AC could be bad for health, but there are some advantages too. On this note, we list down some benefits of the air conditioner: – 1. Extreme heat can trigger health issues and cause dehydration which can affect your Continue reading →

Tips to purchase battery operated rickshaw

The best and easy way to purchase any product and to ensure it to last for a very long time, without the hassles attached is to look for reputed brands. This is because, a branded company would offer its clients with high quality products that can prove to be useful and value worth the investment. If the person contemplates to purchase e-rickshaws, then he is to ensure visiting authorized electric auto rickshaw India stores, wholesalers and distributors who can provide branded vehicles at affordable rates. Continue reading →

Buy electric rickshaw to save money!

There was a recent buzz in the news regarding the diesel and petrol price increase. We all know that the prices of fuel constantly keep increasing and we cannot do anything about it. Plus everyone cannot leave their vehicles and take the crowded trains or buses to reach to work. In such times, an electric cargo rickshaw is very helpful. Why are they beneficial? Let`s find out: – 1. They are eco-friendly and do not pollute the country by emitting gas. 2. They operate through Continue reading →

E-Rickshaws: A wonderful income opportunity for people coming from the rural areas

With the electric rickshaw price in India coming down, people, especially from the rural areas are provided with an opportunity to own one and make a living out of it. With e-rickshaws being recognized and promoted by the government throughout the country to reduce pollution and to provide opportunities to the unemployed citizens of the country, buying is considered to be the best bet to earn a living out of it. Why e- rickshaws? E-rickshaws are termed to be people and environment friendly. These vehicles Continue reading →