Is e-rickshaw a viable option to petrol operated auto rickshaws?

This is a question that is asked by many people, especially those who are looking for ways and means to earn income for sustaining their family. The fact is that electric operated rickshaws or electric school van are a wonderful way to start a business. It has been found that people in huge numbers and parents in general are preferring their children to go to school using the e-rickshaw instead of the conventional auto rickshaws, since the latter is dangerous and often is involved in different types of accidents involving passengers. On the other hand, e-rickshaws being slow in speed, are much children friendly and hence, a viable option.

Electric School Van


The other aspect is that battery operated rickshaws consume very less energy than the petrol or diesel versions and hence, are much affordable. The entrepreneurs in this highly competitive environment can easily pass of the savings made to the parents of the school going children and still retain a good amount of profit that is sufficient for them to progress in their business. Since the parents would be retain the services of the rickshaws for a good period of time and would be paying monthly bills, the discounts offered, is sure to help both the entrepreneur and the passengers to have a win-win situation.


Like stated above, the e-rickshaws are completely safe for children. With limited slow speed, there is no chance for the driver to increase the speed of the vehicle in any manner. Hence, the parents of the school going children can be rest assured that their children can reach their destination without any hassle.

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