Refrigerant Charging Valve

Access valve for refrigerator, air conditioner, and auto air conditioner industries.


The charging valve is an one way service valve with valve inside, which is used on the freezer, cold store and air conditioning unit.

Testing, evacuating, charging – they all require access to the refrigerant circuit. That is where the lowly access/charging valve comes in. Access valves may be installed in any position on either high or low side for quick testing, pressure checking, purging or charging.


Applicable Refrigerant Suitable for R22, R134a, R410a & R502.
Applicable Medium Temperature -25°C ~ +120°C
Max. Operating Pressure 3.0 MPa
Msx.Allowable pressure 4.5MPa

Size 1/8″ – 3/8″

Equipped with imported valve inside of reliable performance.

Double sealing ensure leak-tight.

Copper tube of various lengths are available.

Valve bonnet is knurled for easy handing.

Packing in poly bags, in carton, and pallet.


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