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Nanya service valve is used to cut off and connect the pipe line between indoor machine and outdoor machine of a separately set air conditioner.

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NANYA Service valve is used to cut off and connect the pipe line between indoor machine and outdoor machine of a separately set air conditioner. It may vacumize the system and fill in cold-producing medium. Nanya Service Valves permit testing the condition of the air conditioning system and permit removal, replacement, or additions to the refrigerant in the system. Suitable nominal pressure is 3Mpa,service temperature ranges from -20℃ to 120℃ It has a good airtightness. At present, the company is supplying nearly 1 million valves in the air conditioner industry in India. Products include 2way and 3way type, connection dimension from 1/4″ to 7/8″ .

Each Valve passes through the following quality tests:

  • Air-tight Test
  • Resistance pressure test
  • Strength test
  • Resistance heat test
  • Resistance cold test
  • Resistance against heat shock test
  • Vibration endurance test
  • Impact test
  • Closing motion endurance test
  • Fatigue test
  • Welding intension test
  • Breakage torque test

Quality Notes:

  • Working fluid: R22, lubrication oil of compressor.
  • Working fluid temperature: -30℃~+120℃
  • The valve shall close when the valve core rotates clockwise, while the valve shall open when the valve core rotates anticlockwise
  • Inside impurity content of valve: The impurity content shall be less than 1.2 mg/ valve.
  • Extruding length of valve inside : The thimble of the valve inside shall extrude 0+1 -0.5 mm at the port of the valve body. The cap of the valve inside shall not touch the thimble of valve inside under the assembling conditions.
  • The temperature of valve body shall be controlled under 120℃ or less in case of braze, and use the wet cloth to pack the valve to cold it down
  • Use the yellow SHELL RL2 lubrication grease at the part of O ring area.

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CAUTION: When brazing pipes into air conditioning condenser or heat pump, first tie a wet rag around the service valves to dissipate heat. If this isn’t done, there are small rubber O-rings in the valves which can melt and cause refrigerant leaks. Wear proper eye and hand protection when operating a torch.

Do not mess with these refrigerant service ports unless you’re a trained Air Conditioner service technician. You may lose refrigerant or contaminate the system, leading to improper system operation


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