Pros and cons of battery operated rickshaws

The fact is that number of battery operated rickshaws has been increasing at a fast pace throughout the length and breadth of the country. This is because of the awareness among entrepreneurs about this mode of vehicle being a safe investment option and the government supporting such initiatives by offering soft loans. It has been notice that battery rickshaw price in India is very much affordable and well within the easy reach of many. For those, living a financial crunch life, can find loans for banking and non-banking institutions as well as support from the government to buy their choice of e-rickshaws, so that they can start something worthwhile to earn a living.

Helping to sustain family

E Passenger Rickshaw

Since the battery operated rickshaws are a wonderful option for people to move shorter distances, they do form a wonderful way of communication. When compared to the conventional auto rickshaws that uses petrol for operation, the e-rickshaws make use of current, which is much affordable than that of petrol, even after the recent hike by the power board. Although this form of vehicle is bit slower than the petrol version, it can be regarded to be a safety aspect, since auto rickshaws are more prone to accidents and also overturning, causing its passengers to get injured.

With the price of petrol increasing, the auto rickshaws are compelled to increase the passenger fares, but the e-rickshaws can have lesser fares. Again, the owner of the e-rickshaw does not have to worry about regular maintenance or having to change expensive spare parts, when the same can be done in a much affordable manner.

This way, the person can enjoy deriving huge profits and sustain a living with his e-rickshaw.

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